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Monday, November 20, 2023



It's great to be nobody
Who lives alone
Who has no one
Who has no arguments
Except in the silence
With dark days and rain
Of no importance
It's a great time of life
To be alone with the mind
Except the days
With memories of a past
Full of mistakes and stupidity

Then I see Wanbli soaring
By the window
As he searches his valley
Along the creek
I feel he is my lifeblood
Come to visit
To take away this nobody
Inside of me
To screech his greeting
Sitting on the fir
Next to the house
He is the king
And I am his servant
It's all there is
To have a great life
As I scout 
the water’s edge
for big fish that jump
Into the talons
Of his majesty

Barry G. Wick

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